Carpet Installation


carpet-installationYears of wine spills and pet accidents can beg the question, is it time for a new carpet installation?  After dealing with the retailer and finding the perfect color and rug for the room, the next logical thing to do is sit down and do some research.  Figuring out what tools are necessary for the job and who to hire may seem exhausting, but in the end, it will save time and a head full of hair.

Carpet installation may seem like a great do-it-yourself project that will result in a meaningful pat on the back, but it will most likely end with grunts of frustration and cries of agony. This job is not advised for amateurs because there is only one shot of getting it done the right way. The tools required for the work include:  tackless strips, knee-kickers, stretchers, seam strips, an iron, seam rollers, padding and the textiles themselves. Choosing a rug comes down to personal taste, but installing it will require experience and skill.

There are several steps to the project, but the initial rundown is carpetsimple. Tackless strips will frame the room, padding goes under the flooring, which is placed over this and is cut down to size, seam strips are positioned to join the cut areas, the iron is used to adhere the seams, and the seam roller is used to help the adhesive take. Once this is done, it is time to start the physical labor. Knee-kickers are used to move the carpet into place, stretchers are used to ensure the rug is free of gaps and bubbles. When this is complete, the carpet installation is finished. Got that? Hiring a skilled professional for the job can make this all a snap.

There are many companies that offer carpet installation, starting with the place the rug was purchased from, but the most convenient choice is not always the right one. A few facts to check out before paying the price of professional help are thing like: reputation, company standards and what to expect on the day of service. There are websites that offer listing of installers and reviews from pervious customers that may prove helpful in making the decision. A company normally has to have some credentials to post a listing, but a bad comment from former clientele may be just enough to sway judgment. Also finding out that a company is certified in the field is always a good idea. This means finding a company or contractor that has been in business for at least two years and has undergone tests and evaluations to prove the skill set of the employees. Get informed on all the services offered, and the mission will turn into a hassle-free decision. Make sure the company offers current flooring removal if that is something that is needed, as well as fees for every part of the job. Pricing differs from businesses to contractors, and it can be unpleasant to be blindsided with this on the day of installation. As they say, knowing is half the battle.

CARPET2If that Fido-stained rug is starting to look like it is in need of a major face lift, do the necessary research because a new carpet installation may be something that can turn the floor around.


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